Effortless & Sustainable Kit Houses: Built by Anyone, Anywhere, at Controlled Costs

Tired of lengthy, costly builds with heavy machinery? Livful's flat-packed kit houses offer 90% faster, easy assembly without heavy equipment, ideal for challenging sites. Our kits ensure efficient container use and on-site construction, delivering affordable, sustainable luxury living. Enhance your portfolio with our innovative solutions.

Compact CLT kit houses

Welcome to Livful, where modern, eco-friendly living meets affordability and simplicity. Our flat-packed, sustainable house kits are designed for rapid, hassle-free assembly, ideal for remote or challenging sites without the need for heavy equipment.

Experience the future of construction with Livful’s eco-friendly tiny houses, crafted for those who value time and the environment. Our kits ensure efficient use of space and exceptional energy efficiency, perfect for any climate. Using sustainable Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), we deliver not just homes but experiences that connect you to nature.

Livful’s innovative designs reduce traditional construction timelines by 90%, turning months into days, and cutting costs and environmental impact without sacrificing style or comfort. Each component, weighing under 50kgs, fits together seamlessly, making our kits perfect for even the most difficult sites.

Expand your offerings and boost your margins with Livful. Our pre-cut materials,from Europe, can be customized up to 50% on-site to meet specific client needs, providing flexible, affordable luxury living solutions.

The floor, walls, partitions, and the roof are made of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), which are

up to

0.43 m


up to

4 m



Tiny houses

Livful is a company by Timbeco. Over the past 30 years Timbeco has exported more than 2000+ sea containers of houses to Japan – an undoubted proof on high quality products. We have knowledge and are experienced in prefab elements, element, eco and log houses sector.